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Panchakarma programs

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Pulse diagnosis

Our head-doctor Dr. Manish Gayrola is a highest category specialist in exploring the deep pulse levels, having the experience of more than 15 years in the field of Ayurvedic detox - Panchakarma.

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Ayurvedic nutrition

 At your service - our Ayurvedic cuisine - an incredible pleasure of organic dishes prepared by our professional chef from the freshest products based on the ancient ayurvedic recipes.

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  Yoga is the art of preserving and maintaining the health through the bodily and mental practises. Our yogaterapists know which programs are suitable personally for you.


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"Is panchakarma suitable for each person or it has any contraindications?"






Find your type of diagnostics:

Our center provides the diagnostic methods of modern medicine. You can get ...

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Our health keys:

 We offer a unique healing technics for the perfect helth repairing ... 

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